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Pandora is my happy place

Ironically, it is also my sad place. It is an alternate universe where the listener is forced to relinquish control, where the playlist is unknown and all that exists between man and machine is trust. Isolation becomes both feared and respected. A person can get lost in a universe like that.

The majority of my time on Pandora is spent with Bon Iver. Bon Iver Radio? One please. Beatles Radio is also common place for someone like myself. Although, that station hardly plays anything by other artists. Even a machine can acknowledge that there’s no one quite like the Beatles.

This may be a hasty statement but I owe my Indie (read:excellent) taste to The Music Genome Project. As of late, I’ve found it difficult to come across someone unwise to the musical stylings of artists such as Grizzly Bear and Andrew Bird. There was a time when people sat in cafes discussing obscure new artists, after which they would sip their soy chai lattes and bury their faces in the latest Kurt Vonnegut. Many attribute this widespread interest in Indie music to the “hipsters” but let’s give credit where credit is due. This whole process begins with just a single name.

Who is the musician responsible for the spider-web effect of my musical interests? I’m glad you asked! I’ve had the privilege of seeing John Mayer live (and in close proximity) in Atlanta and have been hoarding these photos, waiting for a platform to express my appreciation for the combination of music, emotion, and the art of photography.

Also, John Mayer.

Hi, I'm Franki.

I love photographing people that are just simply in love. I live for new experiences and different cultures, and I care deeply for the environment. Some of my favorite days are spent exploring nearby hiking trails with my husband, Ben.





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