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A website is born…

Hello and welcome to my website. After two years of marinating in a domain name (and one identity crisis), francescacaputo.com is finally live, click-able links and all! If you are reading this, I most likely know you on a personal level or by a separation degree of…I want to say no more than six. However, if you’ve reached my blog by mistake, I encourage you to give it a read. I promise you will be entertained by my photos (or at the very least, be stimulated by their colors).

I’d like to give a giant THANK YOU and a hug to my friend and web designer, Lindsey. The hug is for putting up with my indecisiveness and constant revisions. The thank you is for her level of awesomeness. In fact, it is because of her awesomeness that you are all sitting here indulging in my thoughts and critiquing my work. So stick around, I promise I won’t bore you.

Hi, I'm Franki.

I love photographing people that are just simply in love. I live for new experiences and different cultures, and I care deeply for the environment. Some of my favorite days are spent exploring nearby hiking trails with my husband, Ben.





Francesca Caputo Photography is based in Jacksonville Fl and available for travel worldwide.