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Last weekend was very productive. In addition to the familiar “catch up on sleep” and “make a big breakfast” that usually occupies my weekend To Do list, I put some finishing touches on my “office.” Staring at a dirty white wall with the remnants of my latest six-legged victim just didn’t scream “photographer.”

The wall is now a warm shade of beige. It is slightly pink in appearance, a cross between chilled faces in wintertime and fireclay in its plastic stage. Since when did I start liking pink? Perhaps it was when I realized I had an olive skin tone and was increasingly disappointed with my sickly appearance. I try to surround myself with pinks and purples for this very reason.



This color is the perfect compliment to the old pallet hanging above the desk and the canvas-like curtains just to the right. Suddenly, sitting at the computer for hours, only taking breaks from editing to undoubtedly eat, became not only bearable, but enjoyable. And it’s not just the rosy wall in my peripheral. I’ve even created a dry-erase calendar and indulged in a pack of wet-erase markers. These little containers of ink were responsible for almost every child’s desire to be a teacher when they grew up. There was something a little too appealing about writing on clear pieces of plastic and having it projected onto the wall. Apparently, they’ll let anyone buy these things! This is convenient because sometimes I have the memory span of a goldfish. Also, I like writing with markers.

And if I get bored with the markers, luckily Chandler is there to keep me entertained focused.


Hi, I'm Franki.

I love photographing people that are just simply in love. I live for new experiences and different cultures, and I care deeply for the environment. Some of my favorite days are spent exploring nearby hiking trails with my husband, Ben.





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