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Getting My Way

This year’s business resolutions have been looking a little grim. One of my biggest annoyances is relying on something or someone other than myself to get my work done. I’m holding computer software issues responsible for January’s shortcomings (curse you, Photoshop!). I fell short on my weekly goals and haven’t even begun to think of an excuse for not even attempting more long term ambitions. Although February is going to be a little busier, maybe the pressure of “resolutions” will have died down a bit. With any luck, I’ll continue to complete my weekly tasks in a timely manner and maybe tackle a long term to-do. Baby steps, internet.

One of my flaws, I’m sure my friends will agree, is my need to be in control at all times. I like to have my way (not a crime, by the way). I’m slowly accepting the inevitability of losing control while trying to run a business. However, it seems there are infinitely more opportunities to lose control in a business setting. It is the very nature of business to rely on an outside source.

My goal for February is to hold myself accountable for my responsibilities. Starting next week. I’m in Florida right now for Haley and Charles‘ wedding. I’ll be celebrating one of the most important days with one of my closest friends and also getting in some much needed family time. And maybe, if I have my way, I’ll make it to the beach.

Hi, I'm Franki.

I love photographing people that are just simply in love. I live for new experiences and different cultures, and I care deeply for the environment. Some of my favorite days are spent exploring nearby hiking trails with my husband, Ben.





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