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A Surprise Visit

It has been a very busy couple of months. Between traveling back and forth to Florida for a few weddings and family gatherings, my rambunctious little brother came to NYC for a surprise visit! Due to the very nature of surprises, some things needed to be shuffled around to make time for some extra fun and after a few dramatic tears (it’s not everyday my brother comes across the country for a surprise visit!) we were ready for some spontaneous organized fun.

Our first stop, per special request, was the Chelsea Market. Whenever I have a visitor, this place is usually on the itinerary. However, I had nothing to do with the decision this time as my brother had been there before. That’s the thing about New York (and people who find comfort in familiarity). You eat something you like and it becomes a staple in your food outings. It’s taken me a while but I now have several restaurants on rotation. And while I warned that the day would be full of savory food, we each ordered our own crêpe at Bar Suzette, a terrible/delicious mistake.



One of my favorite things about the Chelsea Market is the Lobster Place. They had even made some renovations to this fish market since my last visit to accommodate those of us who just like to pop in for oysters on the half shell. Side note: I accidentally ordered a clam in all the excitement. There’s a reason I’ve never ordered a clam before.







Upon realizing that some serious digesting needed to happen before consuming another bite, we walked around Greenwich Village enjoying the blooming trees and picking out future apartments. We stumbled upon the FRIENDS building and reminisced about a few memorable episodes. It’s days like these (days full of food, exercise, and tv building shots) I feel lucky to live in this city.


We headed over to Num Pang for some bánh mì and, although we were a few bites from falling over, we finished our sandwiches and headed down the street for some gelato to finish off our extended meal. The rum raisin and mascarpone were unlike anything I’ve ever tasted, well worth the $6 for such a small portion (not that we could have eaten more if we wanted to).

After overeating an appropriate amount, we arduously carried our full bellies down the stairs and into the subway. Once home, we stretched out just long enough to watch some tv while wondering what we’d be eating for dinner.

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