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Right Now: A Moment of Gratitude

I’ve kind of been loving life lately. I’m always in a happy-go-lucky mood but lately everything’s just been falling into place. I’ve had quite a few visitors over the last few months, which have been so appreciated. I’m trying new things (more on that later). I’m working with new suppliers and products. Good things are also happening for people around me. I’ve been surrounded by positivity. At times I wonder if all of these good things were already there and I just didn’t notice them. Regardless, I’m noticing them now and am filled with gratitude.

While I would love nothing more than to take a nap right at this very moment, I can’t help but be excited. Maybe it’s because I’m tired but even the littlest things are contributing to my excitement. Such as my book about cheese. I’ve been reading “The Whole Fromage” for a few months. We’ve had an on-again/off-again relationship. As most of you might have guessed, it’s hard to read a book about cheese from start to finish. I love cheese as much as the next guy but this book moves slow. I’m currently in the off-again phase but I’m in a “Read all the books!” mood so hopefully that’s not short lived.

More legitimate thing to be excited about: my brother’s in town. He’s become quite the regular and this time he brought his girlfriend. I’m hoping to squeeze in a quick photo session because not only are these two particularly good looking, they’re oozing with style, way more than I had at their age have now.

Most importantly, it’s almost summer and I can’t wait for long days again (my bedtime tends to follow the sun’s schedule, which is very inconvenient in the winter time). I’m looking forward to beach days, taking Chandler to the dog park, and the start of wedding season! Really excited about that last one. I know once I smell the stinky city sidewalks, I’ll regret saying this but…come on warm weather!


Hi, I'm Franki.

I love photographing people that are just simply in love. I live for new experiences and different cultures, and I care deeply for the environment. Some of my favorite days are spent exploring nearby hiking trails with my husband, Ben.





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