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A Trip to Maine

The holidays are here, which means it’s time to finish up some projects before going into hibernation for the winter months. If I haven’t mentioned it 10 times already, Fall is my absolutely favorite time of year. And thanks to this bizarre weather we’ve been having, it’s lasted a little longer this season. My apartment is still overflowing with squash and pumpkins waiting to be carved into and devoured (yes, I know it’s just about December but I’ve been a little busy). The changing leaves were a little late to the party this year, excluding the plant on my desk that’s been sporting fall foliage since May. Although, a strong gust of wind a few weeks back seemed to knock everything off the trees in one fell swoop and put us back on schedule.

In August, I headed up to Maine for a wedding (as a guest!) and although it didn’t really look like fall, I spent a few nights sleeping in layers of sweaters and wool blankets. This particular wedding took place at a summer camp (read: wood cabin with no heat). Perfect weather for cuddling. Or freezing. I ate lobster at every opportunity and donned a fashionable lobster bib. As it turns out, eating lobster takes a lot of energy. Predictably, my body returned to a normal temperature upon my return to NY and I brought with me a handful of photos.acadia-maine-trip-photo_01














I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend and are getting ready for the busy and exciting weeks ahead by putting up their Christmas trees and watching Elf (I may or may not have already watched this last night).

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