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Traci + Michael: Winding Hills Golf Club Wedding

Traci and Michael were married on a gorgeous summer day at the Winding Hills Golf Club in Montgomery, NY. Their country club wedding started off with a little rain but the clouds parted just in time for an intimate outdoor ceremony. Winding Hills is unique in that it highlights the beautiful nature throughout their course, almost rustic in a sense. The nature around the green seemed to be perfectly untouched, yet somehow beautifully manicured, which is not the norm for country club weddings. It’s not often that you forget you’re on a golf course. The flower gardens and patches of forest were just the perfect setting for wedding photos.

This wedding has a funny story. Prior to the wedding, I received the location info from the main shooter. As I was packing my camera bag the day before the wedding, I put the Winding Hills Golf Club into my GPS to see what time I needed to leave the next morning. I nearly had a heart attack when my GPS said travel time was 22 hours! I started panicking, scrambling to pack up and leave at that moment, only to realize I still wouldn’t make it in time! After some rational thinking, I realized that the main photographer probably would have given me a heads up (and that 22 hours would take me clear across the country!). Somehow my GPS was set to walking directions. So, that was totally embarrassing. Luckily, I don’t embarrass easily. But the story did get a few laughs out of Traci and Michael, which always makes for great wedding photos.

Traci and Michael- I hope your life together continues to be full of love and laughter.

Venue: Winding Hills Golf Club

Second Shot for: Mariana Feely Photography

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