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Luxury Sick Time

It’s the weekend! This has been a rough week. In addition to the icy patches and slush that have taken up residence on the sidewalk, I’ve been a little sick. Eww. It’s hard enough to get out of bed and tackle the to do list without having a pounding headache or slight fever. Thankfully it looks like I’m in the home stretch of this sickness because today, I felt like a million bucks…that fell in a puddle. But a million bucks none-the-less.

Sometimes being sick feels like a luxury. When else can you justify ignoring laundry for some rest? What have I been doing with my luxury sick time? So thoughtful of you to ask. Last weekend I found myself in a record store (yeah, those still exist and right in my neighborhood, no less). This record store was disguised as an oversized garage. There are lots of “secret” establishments in NY that I’m apparently oblivious to, this record store being one of them. I was wandering around this record store and the book, Humans of New York, caught my eye. I’d seen the name tossed around on social media and I was intrigued. I brought the book home (after paying, of course) and stretched out on the couch to indulge in some luxury sick time.

For those who are unfamiliar, HONY is a collection of photographs based on interactions and happenstance. This idea originated as a FB page and blog before taking book form. As I flipped through the pages, I carefully examined each photo and read the corresponding quote or anecdote. It was so mentally satisfying to see the art of photography combined with the study of anthropology. Human interaction had been a recurring theme in my work as an art student. I tried to apply this idea to not only my photography, but to my drawings, my ceramics, everything. This collection of photos is such a fantastic representation of NY and people in general. In fact, I was extremely excited to see some people I recognized: chalk art guy, the pink gorilla that plays the xylophone, and others. It encourages you to see differently and to recognize beauty in everyday situations, which is key in leading a happy and fulfilled life.


Unfortunately, as you might imagine, this was a quick read. Thankfully I have the Olympics to keep me occupied in my spare time until I choose my next book. Go team USA! Now, if only I had banked some luxury sick time, I’d be able to watch all the events.

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