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Another Year Older

I celebrated my 27th birthday last week. That’s right, 27. My vitamin regimen is significantly more detailed than last year and my knees have started to hurt when it rains. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit; I think I still have a few good years before I start having weather related issues. Nevertheless, I take vitamins very seriously…which is why I only buy the gummy ones. Hey, I said I was 27, not boring.

To celebrate that I am without a doubt in my late 20s, I had a leisurely dinner at a wine bar called Amélie (ooh la la) and took in a sophisticated play…in a bar…called Drunk Shakespeare. Great meal, great entertainment, great company. As I’m sure a lot of people do, I like to look at my birthday the way I look at New Years. It’s a good check point to see if I’m living up to my own expectations. I’d say I’m in pretty good shape, and have 6 more months to cross off that pesky resolutions list.


I’m excited for wedding season, which hasn’t started for me yet. Most of my weddings this year are later in the summer, which gives me a chance to get some beach days in before things get crazy. I didn’t make it to the beach in a bathing suit once last summer. I’m planning on wearing a lot of dresses this year and the color of my legs is blinding. Consider yourself warned.

I hope everyone is enjoying this miserable rainy weather we’re having and is taking appropriate measures with their hair.

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